Reimagining Leadership: Virtual Nonprofit Academy

It’s the [virtual] leadership event you don’t want to miss! Join us on February 18 as we kick off this year’s Nonprofit Academy: Starting Point with the Disney Institute, Chick-fil-A Foundation and The John Maxwell Co. bringing you incredible, relevant sessions on leadership. 

When: February 18, 2021

What time: 8:00am-12:00pm (Zoom link will be sent February 17 and February 18, 30 minutes before the event begins)

Who: Disney Institute, Chick-fil-A Foundation and The John Maxwell Co.

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What to Expect

Attendees can expect engaging, timely training on leadership, including learning from Disney’s proven business insights and illustrations. Here’s an excerpt from the Disney Institute’s session overview:

“One of the frustrations we hear most often is ‘My organization’s goals are not being met because we are not demonstrating consistent leadership.’ Disney Institute helps you consider how to navigate potential frustrations through insights, which were gained over many years from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

“Our participants also learn the danger of internal and external turbulence in an organization and how purposeful leaders do not sacrifice their values or drastically change their vision in tough times. Disney Institute shares insights and stories of actions that Walt Disney World® Resort leaders took to sustain our values during turbulent times.”

Featured speakers:

Kevin Weickel

Engagement Manager, Disney Institute

In his role as an engagement manager, Kevin is responsible for building and maintaining the client relationship throughout the multiple phases of an engagement. He leads and manages concept creation, content development, and training for the client’s facilitation delivery team.

Prior to joining Disney Institute, he worked as a premium events manager for The Walt Disney Company, where he managed televised sporting events and Disney’s PGA Tour event while also directing day-to-day operations for Walt Disney World® Golf. Additionally, Kevin worked as

the business development manager for the ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex, where he managed expectations and developed business solutions to generate revenue, increase brand loyalty, and improve guest satisfaction

Patrick Jordan 

Senior Facilitator, Disney Institute

In his role as a senior facilitator, Patrick is responsible for drawing on his leadership experience, business knowledge, and Disney Institute insights to understand client objectives and better align learning solutions. He facilitates the delivery of business programs individually and as a team. Prior to joining Disney Institute, he worked as a coordinator of training, recreation, and learning and development, where he helped in the onboarding process for recreation cast at the Walt Disney World® Resort. Patrick partnered with labor operations and scheduling to create tiered training experiences and worked closely with local leaders to ensure smooth transitions for transferring cast members. Before Disney, Pat worked as a healthcare executive and clinician at a large, privately-held healthcare network.

Rodney D. Bullard

Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility for Chick-fil-A, Inc. and Executive Director of the Chick-fil-A Foundation

Rodney Bullard leads Chick-fil-A’s community engagement, philanthropic and sustainability strategy as Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility for Chick-fil-A, Inc. and Executive Director of the Chick-fil-A Foundation. Before coming to Chick-fil-A, Rodney served as an Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting complex criminal cases. For his service, the United States Attorney General presented him with the Department of Justice Director’s Award. Prior to this role, Rodney was selected as a White House Fellow, the nation’s most prestigious public service Fellowship. As a White House Fellow, Rodney was placed at NASA working directly for the NASA Administrator. Rodney also previously served at the Pentagon as a Congressional Legislative Liaison in the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force.

Rodney is an alumnus of the Air Force Academy, Duke Law School, the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Jason Stoughton

Executive Director, The John Maxwell Team

With decades of leadership and training experience in various industries, Jason Stoughton is uniquely positioned to share proven principles and practices that take your performance to a higher standard. He is a classic example of an underdog story, overcoming the obstacles of a dysfunctional and abusive home as well as rare health challenges through a combination of personal grit and Divine influence.

An accomplished speaker, coach and trainer, Jason has traveled the world to help thousands of individuals and organizations through values-based leadership and personal development teachings. As a teenager, Jason was impacted and marked by John C. Maxwell and his leadership. Along his journey he has continued to expand his capacity for personal growth & leadership. Today, he helps steward the purpose, vision and values of John C. Maxwell as the Director of Leadership Advancement for the Personal & Corporate Solutions Groups of John Maxwell Leadership.