Legacy Society

Impacting the future through estate planning

About Legacy Society

Giving is not just about the present, it’s also about the future. We believe, along with many of our fundholders, that giving can impact generations beyond ours. As we guide our fundholders on their journey of generosity, we wanted a way to honor those who desire to leave a legacy of giving. That’s why we created our Legacy Society.

This new and exciting opportunity provides a way for the Community Foundation to thank and forever recognize you as a generous visionary who desires to create a lasting impact.

Become a Member

How do you become a founding member of our Legacy Society? Simply include the Community Foundation in your estate planning!

  1. If you have already included the Community Foundation in your estate planning, please complete and return the Legacy Society Intent form to us. 
  2. If you have not included the Community Foundation in your estate planning but would like to, simply designate a gift to the Community Foundation in your will or trust. There are many other planned giving options, such as donating appreciated assets, making us the beneficiary of your IRA, 401K or a life insurance policy and of course cash contributions, so we encourage you to consult your financial advisors. Once plans are completed, send us the Legacy Society Intent form so we can add you as a new member!

Founding Legacy Society Members

  • Julie Keeton Arnold
  • Louis E. & Ann M. Arrants
  • Cliff & Amy Bray
  • Carol Camp
  • James D. Caswell
  • Dr. Robert Eaves
  • Ron & Dana Garrard
  • Kathy G. Gestar
  • Barbara D. Howard
  • Ms. Jo Ann Nelson & *Mr. Robert Livsey Kennerly
  • Mary Kistner
  • Cathy & Buzz Loew
  • Paul Lopez
  • Dick & Deb LoPresti
  • Mr. & Mrs. William McLendon
  • Margene Moulder
  • Mr. & Mrs. Nelmes
  • Gregory & Cherie Pritchard
  • Jonathan Richards
  • Joe Shafer
  • Senator David J. Shafer
  • Bill & Joann Short
  • Clyde L. & Sandra J. Strickland
  • Amanda Sutt & Hugh Thompson
  • Kathryn Parsons Willis