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We know our nonprofits are working hard to continue caring for our communities during COVID-19. That’s why we wanted to provide a nonprofit survival kit  – a central location containing much of the information you need during this pandemic.

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Where do I raise and find money?

 COVID-19 Grant Funding Opportunities for Nonprofits 

 Paycheck Protection Program Borrower Application Form

 U.S. Small Business Administration Coronavirus Relief Options

 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Emergency Funds: Small Business Guide and Checklist

 Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs: Small Business Loans in Georgia ($15K – $1M)

 Nonprofit Finance Fund

 Loans Available for Nonprofits in the CARES Act (Public Law 116-136)





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What do I need to know about the CARES Act?

How the New $300 ‘Universal’ Deduction Works 

CARES Act – University of Georgia, Small Business Development Center – Small Business Relief

April 14 & 15 Regional Webinars – University of Georgia Small Business Recovery

Webinar – Nonprofits and the CARES Act.mp4

Cutting Through the Jargon: How the CARES Act Works for Nonprofits

Live webinar – Nonprofit coronavirus the cares act a step by step guide 


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What are some helpful resources?

 CFNEG webinars 

Turn your Virtual Event Into a Reality

Marketing Nonprofits While Social Distancing

Focus and Fundraising in Uncertain Times

Five Ways to Increase Funding Now


How to Create Participatory Experiences that Keep Your Donors Engaged in Times of Crisis

Recorded Webinar – Free nonprofit webinar coronavirus and nonprofits how to communicate in a time of crisis recording

Recorded Webinar – Covid 19 and what you need to know about postponing and cancelling events

Recorded Webinar – Free webinar start a monthly donor program now 7 reasons why you cant afford to wait

Loan information 

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Information Sheet

U.S. Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program 

U.S. Small Business Administration Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

Business Advice and Development

UGA Small Business Development

Free business advice – North Metro Atlanta | SCORE

Gwinnett Chamber members-only daily virtual networking event

Lists of resources 

Coronavirus Crisis Comms Triage Kit – Coronavirus Crisis Comms Triage Kit

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Advice & Resources for Nonprofits – Bloomerang

COVID-19 – ProBono Partnership of Atlanta

Coronavirus & Nonprofits: Resources for Responding to COVID-19

Nonprofit Coronavirus Resources – #NPCOVID19 

Remote Workers and Telecommuting Practices for Nonprofits

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resource Guide 

COVID-19 Guidance & Resources – GCN

Other resources 

Use CauseVox for free – free online donation forms, donor management and more

LiveSafe Makes Free Version of Industry-Leading Safety App Available for Battle Against COVID-19

Coronavirus Emergency E-Appeal 

Enhance Your Virtual Conference With A Free Event Community – Request More Info

Example COVID-19 emails and donation pages

How community foundations are stepping up in a time of crisis


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