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Board Member Q&A with Ronda Colvin Leary

Meet Judge Ronda Colvin Leary! A Gwinnett State Court Judge, Ronda is also one of our 2021 board members. Learn more about her and her heart for helping in our Q&A.


CFNEG: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Ronda: I believe people would be surprised to know that one of my favorite things to do is to listen to elderly people talk about their experiences growing up.  I love sitting listening to my 90-year-old grandmother talk about her childhood.

CFNEG: Why is being involved in the community important to you?

Ronda: I believe it is important to be actively engaged in the community.  Being involved demonstrates that you care about the community and the people who live in it.

CFNEG: What do you want people to know about the Community Foundation?

Ronda: The Community Foundation is a longstanding noble organization made up of people from a wide variety walks of life who simply care about people.  An organization who believes in giving.  I believe the organization’s tagline says it all, “Connecting People Who Care With Causes That Matter”.

CFNEG: What do you hope to accomplish as a board member?

Ronda: I hope to connect and increase awareness to the people in my circle with the organization’s passion and causes of homelessness, early education, food insecurity, health care and the arts.  I hope by them learning more about the organization it will fuel their own desire and passion to be involved. 

CFNEG: What other causes are you passionate about?

Ronda: Diamond In The Rough – a youth mentorship and enrichment program that works with young girls as young as seven years of age up to college age. It prepares them with vital and essential skills, such as self esteem, public speaking, resume building, community involvement volunteering, etc.   

I’m also passionate about Step By Step, Inc., a program that focuses on people with prior substance abuse to help them reestablish stable housing, employment and provide continued support with staying sober and re-entering the community as productive self-sufficient citizens.       

CFNEG: What do you enjoy about your career?

Ronda: I enjoy interacting with people. I am encouraged when I see people’s faith and belief in our justice system restored.  It is important that each and every person, regardless of race, social economic status, religion, etc. have their day in court and have their voices heard.  

CFNEG: Tell us about your family

Ronda: I am so proud of my two daughters, Kerrigan and Kyla, who are aware of and have been exposed to causes that are important to me and the community.  They have learned at an early age that it is important to give back by giving of their time and or any other resources.   

CFNEG: One positive thing you’ve learned/realized from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Ronda: I believe we have all learned how to adapt. Technology played an important and vital role in allowing life to continue. But more importantly, I also realized that there are still a lot of caring people in the world, who are willing to open their hearts and give a helping hand..