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Building a Legacy of Giving

Construction’s in his blood. Ron Garrard grew up in the family construction business and decided to make it his career, founding Garrard Group in 1993. But his real passion lies in building a dynamic organization.

“I love watching our people grow – and being in a position to bring in some really great talent,” Ron said. “Construction development is the vehicle – it’s really more about the people.

“Our purpose and slogan is ‘building what lasts’. That really stands for building what has lasting value and for me that has both a temporary and an eternal meaning.”

Ron’s values pour over into his giving as well. Through the years he’s given to a number of organizations.

“I think giving is a Biblical mandate, number one,” Ron said. “But I also think that even if you didn’t subscribe to that, giving back to your community is an obligation for those of us blessed with more resources.

“Over the years I’ve learned the importance of wise giving. Being in a position to partner with people that have thriving organizations and ministries is extremely rewarding.”

A fundholder and board member at the Community Foundation, Ron likes being able to give through the Community Foundation.

“It allows me to use the funds in a more advantageous way. I like having the ability to put money in that can accumulate even though it’s intended to be given. It also provides tax advantages,” he said. “Having a fund at the Community Foundation has been a really nice vehicle for me to get more strategic with our giving model as a family.

“I’ve been on the Community Foundation’s board for almost a year now and what Randy Redner is doing and how he wants to make a difference in the community is contagious. I see how he mentors some of the younger ministry folks and nonprofit organizations, what a proponent he is in terms of trying to support them –  he’s just building a good team. I’m a big proponent of ‘everything rises and falls on leadership’.”

Ron and his wife Dana have a son attending Auburn University. They’re also members of Gwinnett Church and Ron serves on the board of the Gwinnett Chamber. As a family they support Eagle Ranch, the Path Project, Young Life, the Aurora Theater and other organizations.

“The Bible is loaded with commands about caring for the poor and less fortunate, and we’ve learned it really is more blessed to give than to receive,” Ron said.