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Coronavirus Relief Fund

While these may be uncertain times, one thing we know for sure is that our nonprofits serving those in need will need our help now more than ever. From food co-ops and those providing shelter to organizations helping make sure kids at home have food and needed healthcare is available – and more – this is a critical time. Quarantines help limit the spread of the virus but they also put more burdens on our nonprofits.

During this unprecedented time in our nation, it is not a time to shrink back from helping those around us. HOW we help will look a little different, though, and that’s where we have taken initiative by establishing the Coronavirus Relief Fund

Here at the Community Foundation, we are part of the crucial community conversations happening around our nonprofits. We are sitting in the meetings, participating in the conference calls, and we are seeing firsthand where money can be best invested during this critical time in order to make an accelerated difference in the community. That’s why we created the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

ANYONE can give to the Coronavirus Relief Fund and the money from the fund will be distributed to nonprofits meeting critical needs. Giving to the fund allows donors to know that the money they give will be strategically distributed to meet the most pressing needs as they unfold.