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Dick and Deb LoPresti – Living with an Abundance Mentality

In 2007, Dick and Deb LoPresti established their donor advised fund at the Community Foundation. Their desire was to support programs across the community through devoting their time, ideas and resources.

“We believe that abundance and scarcity are states of mind and have nothing to do with bank accounts,” said Dick LoPresti. “When you live with an abundance mentality, you believe that there is plenty to go around and that you have enough to share. We have observed that people who have an abundance mentality appear to live happier lives than those who do not. In our family, we have learned that the ‘formula’ for living with an abundance mindset is to share your time, talents and treasures with others.”

Dick and Deb also established their donor-advised fund to model behavior they hope their children – Melissa, Anna and Hope – will follow.

“In fact, we encourage our three daughters to recommend deserving organizations they would like to support with a grant,” Dick said. “Doing this allows our family to live with an abundance mentality. Over the past years, we have been able to support about ten different local organizations as well as a few national non-profits whose causes we are passionate about.”

“The Community Foundation, through its outstanding leadership, is able to support numerous worthy causes because many others in our community have an abundance mentality and know that not only is this rewarding in itself, it is what we are called to do.”

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