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Five reasons to give through a Community Foundation

Do you want to make a difference in your community, but feel overwhelmed with the different ways to give? We can help! Not only is giving through a Community Foundation convenient and easy, it also offers many other benefits that will allow you to play an active role in focusing on critical causes that benefit both the the here and now and the future of your area. Whether you’re a business owner, philanthropist, family or volunteer looking for ways to get involved locally, here are five compelling reasons why giving through a Community Foundation can have an immediate and lasting impact.

1. Connecting to local causes you care about

Community foundations are focused on addressing local needs and can help you find causes that fit your values

When looking to give in meaningful ways, one of the best starting points is connecting to local causes. Community foundations are particularly well-suited to this as they focus on addressing needs within a specific community space. No matter what type of cause you’re passionate about – whether educational, health-related or humanitarian – these organizations have their finger on the pulse of community needs and can help you make a difference through reliable giving opportunities that speak to who you are. And with so many opportunities all around the globe, why not start making an impact right at home?

2. Leveraging tax-advantaged giving

Your gift through a community foundation may be eligible for higher tax deductions than gifts given directly

Tax-advantaged giving is a great way to tangibly leverage the impact of your philanthropic dollars. By gifting through a community foundation, you can unlock tax deductions that may not be possible with direct giving. Additionally, gathering around a common cause and pooling funds together allows more money to be put towards fulfilling needs, while still allowing donors like you to benefit from charitable donations on taxes. Not only do you save money this way, but it also creates opportunities for organizations that would not have been possible otherwise.

3. Support from experts

Community foundations provide advice and resources for smart giving strategies

Community foundations are an excellent resource when it comes to smart giving strategies. They offer expert advice and guidance to ensure that your donations have the greatest impact, both with respect to the cause or charity you’re supporting and the amount that you give. Their resources provide up-to-date information on local nonprofits, local community initiatives, and even ways that donors can make use of their networks to increase the reach of their donation dollars. In addition, many community foundations also help teach individuals how to effectively research charities, spot potential red flags, and much more. Support from experts at community foundations is invaluable when considering a generous giving strategy.

4. Working with a trusted partner

Community foundations are respected institutions with experience in managing donations, grants, and investments

Working with a trusted partner like a community foundation is key to making an impactful and long-lasting difference. They have a wealth of technical expertise and experience in managing donations, grants and investments. In addition, they have a great understanding of the local context that makes them perfect partners when designing programs tailored to the needs of the community. Plus, since they have established relationships with other stakeholders in the community, community foundations can help facilitate partnerships and open new philanthropic opportunities.

5. Making an impact beyond yourself

You can have a lasting impact on the community by supporting causes through the community foundation’s grantmaking efforts

An incredible feeling comes from knowing that you can have a lasting impact on the community, even beyond your lifetime! Supporting causes through community foundations’ grantmaking efforts is one powerful way to do this. This can mean directing donations to existing programs or creating an endowment to ensure future funding for causes you’re passionate about. As the Mother Theresa saying goes, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love,’ ” and when those small things add up among many people, we can make an incredible impact for years to come.