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From Army Bases to Boardrooms: Donna Beatty’s Path to CFNEG

Donna’s journey from an “Army Brat” to a tax partner at Frazier & Deeter, LLC, and now a board member of the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia (CFNEG) is nothing short of inspiring. With a rich background in public accounting and a strong belief in community service, Donna brings valuable experience and passion to the CFNEG board. 

We recently sat down with Donna to discuss her connection to our foundation and goals for her role. Here is a quick glimpse into the life of a board member.

Why did you want to join the Board, and how long have you been a member?

“I joined the Board in the fall of 2023. I wanted to join for a variety of reasons, primarily because I believe in the mission, and I have seen my clients take advantage of the benefits provided by the Community Foundation. I wanted to intimately know how the Foundation operated and its culture. 

“Also, over my career, I have been on the board of a number of nonprofits, and when I heard how the Foundation collaborates closely with them, I wanted to know more. I also love that the Community Foundation really is about the community, that they welcome all and that total wealth does not define a potential investor.

What do you hope to accomplish on the Board?

“Initially, I hope to learn all that the Community Foundation does, as it is much more than I originally thought! As I learn more, I hope to educate potential investors on the benefits of this organization. I also want to introduce nonprofits to be vetted and to learn from the programs that the Community Foundation offers.

What difference have you seen The Community Foundation make in our community?

“The Community Foundation is a steward for people that want to donate their charitable giving in a structured, yet flexible way. I have listened to their investment team, and they are serious about how they manage their investors’ funds until they are ready to forward the funds to their requested charities. 

“I also see how they can provide comfort to their investors in the uses of their charitable giving through the Community Foundation’s vetting and assisting of nonprofits in our community.

What are some of the benefits of using a community foundation for giving?

“I see many benefits: the Community Foundation has exceptionally low minimums to open an account, they employ sound money management from my perspective and they work hard to be connected to the community and nonprofits within the Northeast Georgia corridor. 

“Through their efforts, the Community Foundation can provide some assurance that the funds donated to a vetted nonprofit are used efficiently. The Foundation can also match a donor that has a cause but not an identified nonprofit, and the money generally stays in our community!

Want to learn more about giving through the community foundation? Contact Development Officer, Maria at mwalden@cfneg.org • 770.813.3387