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Gwinnett County Public Library – More than Books

Almost three MILLION people visited Gwinnett County Public Library branches in 2016! Our library system offers a plethora of books, classes, information and more to the community, which, as the numbers attest, people are regularly using.

Did you know GCPL offers:

The Gwinnett County Public Library is also a fundholder at the Community Foundation and has been since 1994.

“The Community Foundation has helped GCPL in numerous ways,” said Shelly Schwerzler, development manager at Gwinnett County Public Library. “They are a well-connected group working to make the best possible impact on our community. They provide us with priceless workshops and continuously introduce us to strong supporters and partners in the area.”

For GPCL, they are able to offer programs like The Career Online High School program because of financial contributions from donors.

“So far, we have been able to offer a scholarship to 50 participants, but there are nearly 70,000 adults ages 18-64 who don’t have a high school diploma and would otherwise not have the opportunity to fulfill this goal,” Schwerzler said. “If we don’t receive more donations, this program will no longer be available, though. If you or your company is willing to offer a contribution, you can make a donation today!”

For GCPL, being part of the Community Foundation has helped them grow in numerous ways.

“I would encourage other nonprofits to become fundholders at the Community foundation,” Schwerzler said. “They are a trusted, knowledgeable organization that can help small nonprofits with their accounting functions, provide training and professional development materials, as well as advocate for your cause and help to connect you with just the right donor.”

To find out how your nonprofit can become a fundholder, contact Randy Redner at 770-813-3384 or rredner@cfneg.org.