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Have you thought about your legacy lately?

Attorney Nathan Powell’s own personal story reminds us of the importance of planning ahead.

“Last December I was on the phone with my mom (former Gwinnett Judge Emily Powell, pictured above with our daughter). She was going to meet some family friends for dinner. We talked about what Christmas presents we should get for my kids – she was advocating for a remote control car she knew they’d like. We talked about what time to get family together for Christmas, what decorations dad had put on the house…

“That evening, while walking from her car to the restaurant, she was hit by a truck. Ten days later she died and we escorted her body to the operating room. She was an organ donor and she was able to save two people’s lives by donating her organs.

“It’s a fact that we are all going to die at some point – sometimes sooner than we expect. My mom was only 64 and in the best shape of her life. That was the end of her life but she and my dad had made a plan years ago – a plan that began with the end in mind. Dad had always had life insurance but had recently been denied due to a history of skin cancer. My mom had never had life insurance but she decided to apply and was accepted. 

“My dad later told me how happy that life insurance made her – she loved the idea of being able to one day help her family and make our lives better. 

“That’s what I want for you. I want your family to be able to say that they’re thankful you had a good plan. 

“And those good plans always begin with the end in mind.

What steps are you taking now to ensure you and your family have the ending you want?

We can help you leave a legacy that lasts. It’s as simple as beginning with the end in mind.

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