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Helping our Community: Meals by Grace

Wondering if your giving to our Coronavirus Relief Fund makes a difference? You’ll want to read this note we received from Meals by Grace.

“We wanted to send our heartfelt thank you for your generous and timely grants in support of Meals by Grace during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“You were the first organization to invite Meals by Grace to apply for funds early in the crisis, when we were all still trying to understand what a quarantine would mean for food supplies and quality of life in our community.

“Margaret’s hand-delivery of that check meant more than the arrival of emergency funds. She demonstrated CFNEG’s personal investment in the folks on the front lines. She asked about our immediate needs and made a connection that helped us get interim transportation to fill in for our dead refrigerator truck.

“Your gifts helped us purchase two refrigerators and two freezers that made it possible to received tons of food that distributors began to offer us. Having those refrigerators led to a new partnership with Tyson Foods, who brought the pantry 1,400 pounds of chicken protein and gave us a grant.

“Like many other nonprofits, we are still watching the numbers, still putting one foot in front of the other and doing the best with the resources we have. We are only able to plan for future needs because of the overwhelming community support we have received and significant financial gifts from partners like CFNEG.

“On behalf of Steve and Suellen Daniels, the staff and families served by Meals by Grace, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Thank you for giving to help Meals by Grace and many other nonprofits! Want to keep making a difference? Give now at cfneg.org/covid19!