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Meet Michael Park

We recently chatted with Michael Park, business development/agent at The Whitlock Group and one of our new board members. Michael is heavily involved in our community and has a heart for helping others. Along with being on our board, he also serves with the Rotary Club of Gwinnett Mosaic, the Korean American Coalition, and the Leadership Gwinnett Foundation. Enjoy learning more about Michael!

CFNEG: What makes Gwinnett great?
Michael: I love the differences and options that are available to me in all aspects of life whether it’s food, entertainment, shopping or cultural events. There is never a shortage of new things to see and try in and around Gwinnett.

CFNEG: Why is being involved in the community important to you?
Michael: I feel blessed and fortunate to be where I am personally and professionally. Much of my family’s good fortune is thanks to leaders and friends in our community, and it is really a pleasure to be able to chip in and give something back.

CFNEG: What do you want people to know about the Community Foundation?
Michael: I would love for people to understand that there is a tremendous amount of good work being done in our community on a daily basis and that the selflessness of individuals around the county knows no bounds.

CFNEG: Why should people give through the Community Foundation?
Michael: I think for many organizations, it is about learning how to give intentionally. I see many nonprofits with amazing missions, but they are limited due to a lack of resources and education. These are two things the Community Foundation can provide so that these groups learn to give more intentionally.

CFNEG: What do you hope to accomplish as a board member?
Michael: I hope that I can spread awareness to the Asian American community to make them more aware of the Community Foundation so that this community may connect, thrive, and learn from the tremendous leaders and organizations serving throughout Gwinnett.

CFNEG: What do you love about your career?
Michael: I love being able to provide a service to family and friends while also educating them about their specific insurance needs. I’ve certainly learned much more about my own insurance, and if in some small way I can help people make sense of it, then I will call it a good day.

CFNEG: Tell us about your family.
Michael: My wife Sarah and I love to travel, try new cuisines, and spend as much time as possible with our daughter, Elroi.

CFNEG: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Michael: I love playing sports. No favorite, but love to spend time playing golf, basketball, kickball and volleyball. I also enjoy watching movies and volunteering in my free time.

CFNEG: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Michael: I am actually a true introvert. I don’t enjoy social settings, and after one evening out networking, it takes a few days to fully recharge.