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No More Christmas Ties

Each Christmas, Pat and Glenda Rogers ask their grown children for the same thing – a gift for someone else. It’s a tradition that started out of a desire to help others and get their entire family involved in giving.

“And they don’t have to buy me a Christmas tie every Christmas,” Pat Rogers joked. “We ask each of our four children and their families to pick a cause, a family or a charity, give to them and then report to us what they do. It’s turned into some great memories for all of us.”

Like their daughter, Nancy Harter, who now runs the company Pat co-founded 40-some years ago.

“She’s done a lot with children over the years,” Glenda Rogers said. “Especially with teenagers, she’ll take them shopping because she knows how important it is to them to pick out their own things.”

Their desire to give and help others, which they’re passing on to the next generation, is something that stemmed from their own childhoods.

“Growing up, we weren’t poor, but we had a modest living – let me put it that way,” Pat said. “And when we started doing better, we felt an urge to help other people and our community.”

Pat and Glenda have lived in Gwinnett since 1970. In 1974 Pat started United Maintenance, a full-service HVAC design, installation and service company.

“I’ve been doing that for 44 years, so I think we’re going to make it,” Pat laughed.

As the company grew so did their ability to give. For many years, they have given their time and money to various causes.

For both of them, medical research is one area they want to impact. Pat’s first wife had breast cancer and Glenda currently has lymphoma. They are also supporters of the Norcross Cooperative and Good Samarican Health Clinic of Gwinnett and give to their church and help support missionaries.

The Rogers were introduced to the Community Foundation through their professional advisor, Jerri Hewett Miller of Wealth Horizon.

“She knew we were looking for ways to give and she highly recommended the Community Foundation. Jerri told us how we could multiply our giving by giving through the Community Foundation, which greatly appealed to us,” Pat said.

For Jerri, connecting her clients with the Community Foundation is helping them accomplish even greater giving goals.

“Pat and Glenda are two of the most generous and caring people I know,” Jerri said. “After many years of working together I was thrilled to introduce them to the Community Foundation. We now are able to accomplish some multi-generational legacy giving goals. The philanthropic work they do will now be maximized so future generations of the Rogers’ family will continue to participate in the joy of sharing Pat and Glenda’s values and generosity.”

The Rogers have enjoyed not only working with Jerri but also forming a friendship.

“We’re very pleased with what she does and she’s really a sweetheart. She’s helped us make hard decisions and give us good advice on our finances,” Pat said. “We would recommend her to everyone.”

As long-time business owners, the Rogers have also ensured their philanthropy extends to the business. Through their business they created the R. Pat Rogers Foundation and every year give scholarships to students who are studying to become HVAC technicians. When they decided to give through the Commnity Foundation, they created the Pat and Glenda Rogers Foundation.

“We highly recommend giving through the Community Foundation,” Glenda said. “If you have an IRA you can give the required minimum distribution, which is something we’ve done. We’re thankful we’re able to give – it’s a privilege to be able to help different causes.”

Interested in learning more about how you can give through the Community Foundation?  Call or email Randy Redner at 770-813-3380 or rredner@cfneg.org for more information.