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Q&A with a Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Ted Jenkin

Ted Jenkin is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of oXYGen Financial, a 2.2-billion-dollar wealth management firm. He’s also the President of Exit Stage Left Advisors, a sell-side M&A firm. 

Known for his appearances on Varney & Co., News Nation, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal, Ted is a national television expert and opinion editorial writer for Fox News. He also hosts a nationally syndicated entrepreneur television show called “The Roadmap” on America’s Small Business Network and is an Amazon best-selling author with six advanced designations from the College for Financial Planning.

Today, Ted owns more than 10 companies and is a proud graduate of The Leadership Atlanta class of 2023.

Let’s just say, anything he touches turns into a work of art. 

Since Ted is our MC for Good2Give this August, we had the privilege of sitting down with him to learn more about his secret to success and financial expertise. 

What he shared is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

What’s your go-to advice for financial planning? 

“Planned charitable giving and donor advised funds is a discussion advisors should be having with all clients, especially with the changes to standard deductions and itemized deductions in the current law.”

What difference have you seen a community foundation make? 

“Whether you are a local business owner or just a citizen of Northeast Georgia, The Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia matters because it allows the people in the community to give back financially and personally to help address the needs of our community and assist individuals and non profits to strengthen the backyard that we all live in.”

What does the Art of Giving mean to you?

“Giving to organizations that help strengthen and support your family causes, community causes, and social causes.”

What’s your advice for choosing where / how to give?

“You have to remember that this is your community, the one you live in.” 

“There are lots of charitable causes people give to where your money goes to cover overhead and not potentially the actual cause. If you care about your children, your family, local businesses, real estate values, and the community, the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia is a great place to give because monies directly go back to support local non profits and individuals in need.”

“And a Donor Advised Fund is something everyone who can afford it in their financial plan should consider.”