Our Stories


This Thanksgiving, we wanted to share why we’re thankful for our fundholders and nonprofits. So we reached out to our staff, board and emeritus board members and asked them to share why they are thankful for YOU. Here are their thoughts:

“There are so many things that I am grateful for. I am especially thankful for our fundholders and nonprofits. I thank God for them and ask Him to Bless each of You with all His goodness. Together we bring ‘HOPE’ to the lives of those who are our neighbors in this community.” With a grateful ️heart, Sandra Strickland, Community Foundation Board Chair/Community Leader

“At this time of the year I stop and count my blessings. One of them is the Community Foundation and its fundholders. They support so many organizations, enabling them to step in and care for people who especially need help during this season.” Kathryn Willis, Parsons Gifts/Community Leader

“Our fundholders’ generosity and commitment to helping others is inspiring and positively impacts our community every day.” Kathryn Kieser, Executive Vice President, Chief Reputation Officer and Chair of Primerica Foundation

“I am so thankful this holiday season to have such incredible fundholders at the Community Foundation. I can’t imagine what Gwinnett would look like without our nonprofit organizations who continually bridge the gaps to help those in need. Our fundholders all have one, two, or several of these organizations they fund, which is vital to their success.” Tammy Shumate, Corporate Development, Brand Mortgage 

“The generosity of our fundholders coupled with the passion of the community’s nonprofits creates a synergy that positively impacts those in need. The Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia is thankful to serve as the ‘hub’ that connects the people and the causes.” Sloan Jones, Associate Vice President of Communications, Georgia Gwinnett College

“I’m thankful for the fact we get work with our board, fundholders and nonprofits that just want to do good in the world. Second, I’m thankful that everyday the Community Foundation gets to play this amazing part in the community by ‘connecting people who care with causes that matter’. Who else gets to have this much fun?!!” Randy Redner, CEO/President, Community Foundation

“I am thankful for the generous hearts of our donors. I am thankful for the privilege of knowing people who care more for others than for their own needs and wants. I am thankful for being able to witness extreme giving!” Margaret Bugbee, CFO, Community Foundation

“I’m thankful for our fundholders because so many of them are engaged with helping the nonprofits in our community in ways far beyond recommending grants. Meeting with the nonprofits, touring their operations or serving on committees or boards provides support that is just as important as providing financial help.

“And I’m thankful for the nonprofits in our community who seek to learn and improve by attending educational events, meeting with other nonprofit leaders and asking questions. A continuous improvement approach is just as important for nonprofits as in the for profit world.” Dick LoPresti, LoPresti Capital

“At this time of year especially, when I look at my own family and think about how thankful I am for them, it also makes me think hard about those families who are struggling at or below the poverty line. Perhaps they are one paycheck or bad break away from homelessness, or wondering where their child’s next meal will come from. It crushes me to think about parents who are faced with those tough decisions. When I think about their plight, I also think about the Community Foundation, the nonprofits we support, and the fundholders that really enable us to support them. I am thankful for the overwhelmed nonprofits that help to provide a safety net for those families. I am thankful for the fundholders, without whom many of these nonprofits likely could not exist or certainly would not have the reach they do. I am also thankful that I am a small part of the Community Foundation, an organization that is very effective about identifying needs and working with fundholders and nonprofits and other community leaders to address those needs. Happy Thanksgiving from a grateful board member.” Jim Joedecke, Andersen, Tate & Carr

“I am thankful for the thoughtful leadership the Community Foundation — especially Randy — provides; identifying important local groups to support and ways to improve our community.” Dan King, Community Leader

“I am thankful for our fundholders and nonprofits because through their generosity they are supporting causes and doing important work that betters the community – one that I am very proud to call my home.” Britt Ramroop, Director of Fundholder Experience, Community Foundation

“I love the Community Foundation and all who are working with it! I have met so many great fundholders and am so glad to be a part of the group. The best part is I have learned so much about the grants we give to nonprofits and how much they mean to the recipients. Gwinnett is so fortunate to have such a great organization with such great fundholders who are such giving members of our community. I am truly grateful to be a part!” Barbara Howard, Suzanna’s Kitchen

“I’m thankful for the profound relationships we have with our fundholders and the nonprofit community and the shared vision of working together to sustain the community.” Karyl Kaye Miller, Executive Assistant, Community Foundation

“Through our education program I have had the privilege of meeting nonprofit leaders that are tirelessly working to make our community a better place. To see them grow and succeed has been a privilege and for that I am thankful.” Christy Norris, Education, Community Foundation

“The Community Foundation is what it is because of fundholders who give with open hands and open hearts. I’m grateful for every fundholder who has made the Community Foundation part of their giving story and for their desire to see our nonprofits grow and thrive and continue to make our world a better place.” Heather Loveridge, Chief Storyteller, Community Foundation